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    Ways you can make a difference

    Raising Awareness Educate Others: Spread awareness about the detrimental impacts of noise, chemical, and plastic pollution on marine life. Use platforms like social media to share informative posts, organize community events such as beach clean-ups or educational workshops, and participate in campaigns that highlight the importance of preserving our oceans. Support Quiet Ship Technology: Advocate for the adoption of quieter propulsion systems and technologies in ships and vessels. These technologies can significantly reduce underwater noise pollution, which can disrupt marine ecosystems and harm marine mammals like whales and dolphins. Advocate for Regulations: Support regulations that require ships to minimize noise emissions, particularly in sensitive marine habitats such as marine sanctuaries…

  • Get Involved

    Supporting B Corps: Making a Difference with Every Purchase

    Hey there! If you’re looking to get involved in tackling climate change with a focus on our oceans, supporting B Corps is a great way to go. These companies are all about sustainability and can make a big difference in protecting our marine life and reducing ocean pollution. B Corps are called benefit corporations, meaning they focus on acting in ways that benefit society as a whole. What defines them is their belief that the purpose of a company is not just profits, but also social and environmental good. Some example companies to consider is Pela Case, a company that sells biodegradable phone cases. Raw Elements is a company that…